Eco Irr Gets Restricted Limited Plumbers License

Eco Irrigation is a Restricted Limited Plumber licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors. That means that we are qualified to complete exterior water service piping (2 inches or less), exterior backflow preventers (2 inch or less piping) and water filtration systems.

This licensing and qualification sets Eco Irrigation apart in the field. We take rules, codes, restrictions and laws seriously and will work to the highest standards to complete every project.

View Our License online or by PDF

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Eco Irr attends 2014 WaterSmart Innovations Conference on Water Efficiency

Owner, John Marmorato, and representatives from Eco Irrigation recently travelled to Las Vegas, NV to attend the 2014 WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition. WaterSmart is the world’s largest urban water-efficiency conference. Its goal is to increase communication among the world’s water efficiency businesses, thereby increasing water efficiency through new products and services.
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Backyard Renovations? Don’t Forget the Irrigation System

Are you thinking of making upgrades or completely overhauling and renovating your backyard landscape, deck, patio or pool? If so, it is important to consult with Eco Irrigation on how these changes can affect your irrigation system. Oftentimes, the irrigation is overlooked or incorrectly assumed to comply with the new plans. This is not always the case.  Some contractors are not adequately trained in irrigation systems to determine how their plans for your property might impact the yard, as a whole. Continue reading “Backyard Renovations? Don’t Forget the Irrigation System”

Cary Irrigation System Winterization

Now is the time to winterize your outdoor irrigation system in Cary. Winterization helps protect the system, prolonging the life and improving overall functionality, year after year. The coming lower temperatures can wreak havoc on a Cary irrigation system that is not properly prepared. So, don’t let this year’s chilly temps cost you in heavy repairs.

Eco Irrigation’s winterization services always include removing water from the piping, either by draining or using compressed air to remove the water. Continue reading “Cary Irrigation System Winterization”

Spring Start-Up Services for 2013

Eco Irrigation is now conducting spring start up irrigation services for customers in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill & Durham. Finally, winter is over and spring is here, so now is the time to inspect and correct your system. You may have had your system winterized, in order to prolong the life of the system and prepare it for the cold weather. Now a spring start up service can ensure that your landscaping receives the proper irrigation through the spring and summer growing seasons. We will test for leaks, blockages in the piping, water flow distribution and more. Continue reading “Spring Start-Up Services for 2013”

Eco Irrigation Sponsors Golf Tournament

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Eco Irrigation was proud to be a 2012 Sponsor of the Brier Creek Play Days Event. This golf tournament was held to raise money for breast cancer research. It was planned, organized and hosted by the Brier Creek Ladies Golf Association and the Brier Creek Country Club. We were excited for this opportunity to support our community and to give back to such an important cause. Eco Irrigation believes strongly in giving back as part of our corporate mission. Continue reading “Eco Irrigation Sponsors Golf Tournament”

Eco Irrigation Attends and presents at Green & Growing Show

John Marmorato, president of Eco Irrigation, Inc., and employees Chris Tolley, Charles Fritz, and Leslie Marmorato will be attending the, “Green and Growin” Show in Greensboro, NC January 14-16, 2013. This three day event will impart valuable information on new products and technology, in order to provide our customers with cost–effective solutions to maintain healthy plants and turf while, “using water wisely”.

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July is Smart Irrigation Month

An Irrigation Association initiative, Smart Irrigation Month was created in 2005 to help build awareness of how important it is to use water efficiently. Through the use of better irrigation tools, products, technology and increased awareness; we hope to build demand for these products and services. By combining the latest products with knowledge, we can all make a big impact on the amount of water used in irrigation and preserve this resource at the same time lessening the cost by reducing consumption. Continue reading “July is Smart Irrigation Month”

City of Raleigh Backflow Testing

The City of Raleigh has a requirement that all backflow preventers on both residential and commercial irrigation systems need to be tested. If you have an irrigation system, you should receive a notice about this requirement. The city will be sending these notices in waves so if you haven’t received it yet, it should be on it’s way. Not every irrigation system owner will receive a notice as the backflow testing is required every three years. If you have received a notice and/or need to have your backflow preventer tested, contact us.

Eco Irrigation has two Certified Backflow Technicians on our team and we would be happy to assist you Continue reading “City of Raleigh Backflow Testing”