Raleigh Irrigation Information and Checklist for Fall

Check Your Irrigation System Before Seeding Your Lawn

As temperatures cool and we begin entering Fall, many people in Raleigh and the surrounding areas are planning, or have already began over seeding and renovating their lawns. Now is the perfect time of year, with lower average daily temperatures allowing soil to remain moist and grass seed to germinate. There are a few things you’ll want to check on your irrigation system to ensure you don’t waste money because your grass seed doesn’t germinate or you’re overwatering your lawn.

The bullet points below provide a checklist to ensure your system is ready to make the most of your investment in your lawn. By following this simple guide, you can rest assured that you have made the inspections and corrections to your system to give yourself the best chance of having a lush green lawn this fall and into next year.

  • • Mark all heads and valve boxes before aerating to avoid costly damages
  • • Sprinkler heads should pop up high enough so that the spray pattern is not disrupted
  • • Make sure all heads are adjusted properly for even coverage
  • • A proper watering schedule is needed for germination of grass seed
  • • Your watering schedule should also be adjusted after the seed has germinated
  • • Make sure you have a functioning rain sensor to avoid over watering


If you need assistance repairing your system, making adjustments for better coverage, adding rain sensors or a Smart irrigation controller, please contact us at (919) 788-8569. We’ll schedule a time to come over and inspect your system and make any necessary corrections or add additional hardware as needed.