Rainbird Training and Authorized Service Provider

Rainbird Authorized Service Provider

Owner of Eco Irrigation John Marmorato and team member Chris Tolley attended the Rainbird Academy for training courses related to Rainbirds’ products.

John’s training consisted of 3 days covering a variety of topics on Rainbird Irrigation products. The first day was an eight hour course on ESP-LXM and LXD irrigation controllers. This class presented information of installing, troubleshooting and programming the irrigation controllers along with advanced courses on water flow control and various other topics.

The second and third days of training for John consisted of IQ Central Control System hardware and software training. The topics covered included selecting and installing the proper hardware and communication components for irrigation systems in addition to advanced training on the controller and software programs.

Chris also attended the full day EXP-LX and LXD controllers training. He learned more about how to install, troubleshoot and program these controllers but also how to utilize the advanced features such as controller flow manager and flow watch. Other topics also covered included proper splicing and system configuration techniques, two wire troubleshooting and advanced installation principles.

Eco Irrigation is constantly striving to provide our clients with the latest and best technology and training possible. Continual training and education allow us to help our clients maintaing their irrigation systems better and efficiently water their landscapes without wasting water. For more information about our services in the Raleigh and Wake County area, please call (919) 788-8569.