Eco Irrigation Presents to HRW on Water Efficiency

HRWEco Irrigation presented products and procedures to HRW in an effort to provide guidance on ways to save current and future customers water and money, while keeping their plant material thriving. For over 30 years, HRW has been a pioneer in Community Management in North Carolina. John Marmorato and Chris Tolley of Eco Irrigation ensured listeners that the best way to preserve the landscape and water usage of townhomes and condos is through their suggested irrigation techniques and products. John and Chris focused on the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice a healthy lawn or plants to save water.

Eco Irrigation provides this same type of education to their clients when discussing their existing irrigation systems and products. Offering irrigation system upgrades, we’re always focused on providing our clients with the most efficient water usage in terms of keeping plants alive and saving money. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call 1-919-788-8569 or contact us.