Backyard Renovations? Don’t Forget the Irrigation System

Are you thinking of making upgrades or completely overhauling and renovating your backyard landscape, deck, patio or pool? If so, it is important to consult with Eco Irrigation on how these changes can affect your irrigation system. Oftentimes, the irrigation is overlooked or incorrectly assumed to comply with the new plans. This is not always the case.  Some contractors are not adequately trained in irrigation systems to determine how their plans for your property might impact the yard, as a whole.

Rather than ending up with a mess on your hands, or worse, having to redo an already costly project, save yourself time and money and call us. We will thoroughly evaluate how the project affects your irrigation system, saving you a headache down the road. We can adapt, adjust or upgrade your current irrigation system so that it continues to work for you, year after year.