Eco Irrigation Presents to HRW on Water Efficiency

HRWEco Irrigation presented products and procedures to HRW in an effort to provide guidance on ways to save current and future customers water and money, while keeping their plant material thriving. For over 30 years, HRW has been a pioneer in Community Management in North Carolina. John Marmorato and Chris Tolley of Eco Irrigation ensured listeners that the best way to preserve the landscape and water usage of townhomes and condos is through their suggested irrigation techniques and products. John and Chris focused on the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice a healthy lawn or plants to save water.

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Raleigh Irrigation and Sprinkler Winterization

Sit back and relax… Your sprinkler system is taken care of with Eco Irrigation Inc.

Colder weather is approaching, and that means it is time to winterize your irrigation system. There is no need to have components of your system freeze this winter, and be faced with costly repairs next spring. By letting Eco Irrigation winterize your irrigation system, we can save you this expense and position you for a smooth start up in the spring.

Eco Irrigation winterization process consists of the following:

  • We drain the system or use compressed air to remove water from the irrigation system piping
  • Backflow is removed and drained
  • Backflow risers are sealed
  • Backflow is tagged with customer name and date of service

Most residential systems $ 75.00

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Raleigh Irrigation Information and Checklist for Fall

Check Your Irrigation System Before Seeding Your Lawn

As temperatures cool and we begin entering Fall, many people in Raleigh and the surrounding areas are planning, or have already began over seeding and renovating their lawns. Now is the perfect time of year, with lower average daily temperatures allowing soil to remain moist and grass seed to germinate. There are a few things you’ll want to check on your irrigation system to ensure you don’t waste money because your grass seed doesn’t germinate or you’re overwatering your lawn.

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Eco Irrigation Attends Seminar on Water Conservation

Eco Irrigation Attends Seminar on Water Conservation

As we continue to learn new ways to help our customers conserve water, which lowers their water bills and has less of an impact on the environment, we attended an informative seminar covering this topic. Presenters were from US government agencies, NC state agencies, local university experts and irrigation industry leaders. It is very seldom that experts from so many groups assemble to provide information and education for the betterment of North Carolina’s environment and it’s people. We feel fortunate to have been a part of the seminar and are looking at ways we can even better implement water conservation for our clients. A variety of topics were discussed with implementable ideas on conserving water while keeping your lawn lush and green.

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Certified Backflow Tester Raleigh

Certified Backflow Testing in Raleigh

Chris Tolley of Eco Irrigation in Raleigh, has obtained his Backflow Testing Certification with certificate #RWCT0458. The class and training consisted of the review of the federal clean drinking water act, cross connection, principles of backflow systems and heath and safety concerns. In addition, Chris also learned about different type of backflow preventers and how to properly test and diagnose issues.

After thirty hours of classroom instruction, a one hundred and fifty question exam and a practical, hands-on exam covering the three types of backflows accepted in NC, we’re here to help you. If you’re in need of Backflow Testing in Raleigh, Cary, Apex or Holly Springs, please contact us or call (919) 788-8569 for more information.

Rainbird Training and Authorized Service Provider

Rainbird Authorized Service Provider

Owner of Eco Irrigation John Marmorato and team member Chris Tolley attended the Rainbird Academy for training courses related to Rainbirds’ products.

John’s training consisted of 3 days covering a variety of topics on Rainbird Irrigation products. The first day was an eight hour course on ESP-LXM and LXD irrigation controllers. This class presented information of installing, troubleshooting and programming the irrigation controllers along with advanced courses on water flow control Continue reading “Rainbird Training and Authorized Service Provider”

Spring Irrigation System Startup

Spring Time Irrigation System Start-up

It has been a long and cold winter throughout the Triangle area including Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill and Cary. These record low temperatures can cause damage on many irrigation and sprinkler systems due to improper original installations and not winterizing a system properly. As a result, sprinklers, shallow pipe and especially backflow preventers can crack and leak. You made the investment to install your irrigation system and landscaping, your system needs to be working at peak performance and efficiency. Continue reading “Spring Irrigation System Startup”

Welcome to the Eco Irrigation Blog

Welcome to the Eco Irrigation Blog

Eco Irrigation in Raleigh provides irrigation services with exceptional customer service and quality results at our core. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide the expert services your project deserves and your lawn requires.

Specializing in irrigation system maintenance, irrigation repairs, backflow testing, system upgrades, water conservation consulting and outdoor lighting, we are committed in our efforts to help homeowners and businesses reduce their costs and impact on the environment. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients just like you and hope we can assist you with your irrigation needs. Continue reading “Welcome to the Eco Irrigation Blog”